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2F Tea Lounge

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The Tea Lounge on the 2nd floor offers a wonderful and cozy place to sit down for a relaxing cup of afternoon tea. We provide you with delicious cuisines and semi-buffet. The melodious music here will accompany you to have a happy and relaxed afternoon.

【Over-drinking is bad for your health.】

Business items:Semi-buffet, afternoon tea, various alcoholic and beverages.

Business Hours:

10:00 ~ 22:00 ∣ Lunch / 11:30 ~ 14:00 ∣ Tea Time / 14:30 ~ 17:00 ∣ Dinner / 17:30 ~ 21:00
Lunch & Dinner NT$470 + 10% up ∣ Tea Time NT$420 + 10%
Child is height 100cm-140cm or 5-12 years old.
Kid is height under 100cm or under 5 years old.
*Please show the relevant documents such as health insurance card at restaurant.