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 Services of Company

.Implementation of all kind of Hospitality & Services
Chang Hsien offers a range of skills to help clients with management decisions and in the implementation of the following fields.

1. Operations:
The supply, engineering, production and physical distribution functions, including their associated systems for planning and control.
2. Marketing:
Marketing research, developing products portfolios, positioning and marketing strategies, sales force management, advertising and promotion.
3. Human Resources:
Improving productivity through employee involvement programs, incentive compensation plans, staff training and development, work structuring and job design, engineering, careful introduction and management of change.
4. Management Information System(MIS) & Property Management System(PMS):
Accounting, management, computer and human resources skills to develop and commission management information systems, including communication network, database management and market forecasting models.
5. Project Management:
Functional briefs, contract supervision, critical path network planning, progress and cost control, all used to complete complex capital projects on time within budgeted cost.

Technical Assistance and Management

Chang Hsien offers of experienced former general managers of world-class hotels and resorts, and of management consultants who are experts in all the main business disciplines to help owners to improve results.

1. Strategic planning.
2. Investment appraisal.
3. Location studies.
4. Development and feasibility studies.
5. Functional design briefs.
6. Contract preparation and supervision.
7. Project cost control and management.

Chang Hsien is prepared to undertake management contracts of hotel properties. We can provide supporting services, e.g.

1. Land use and social panning.
2. Environmental impact studies.
3. Architectural planning and design.
4. Mechanical, electrical and structural engineering.
5. Landscape design and environmental appraisal.
6. Interior design and refurbishing.
7. Loose furnishings and graphics.