Services of Chang Hsien

 Catering Business

We provide out clients in both the public & the private sectors with a range of management support services that centers around four key areas of activity:

1. Outsourcing Services
If restaurant owner has considering of a contract caterer to be authorized, or intend to market test an existing contract, we can probably help owner to achieve their objectives. Just as a consultant needs to “fit” owner’s organization, so does a contractor in terms of:
  • Experience
  • Ability
  • VFM
2. Operational Audit Services
Just how good is your catering operation? Is it meeting you needs? If COST, QUALITY or a combination of the two is a concern, talk to Chang Hsien first. We’ve probably come across a similar situation elsewhere & will be able to find a cost effective solution.
3. Quality Monitoring Services
DUE DILIGENCE............
Whether or not your catering service is outsourced, potential problems can be nipped in the bud by effective QUALITY MONITORING.Out proven systems document operational standards in terms of:
  • Food quality
  • Food safety & food hygiene
  • Management & supervisory effectiveness
If owner want to link quality standards to finances, contact with Chang Hsien!
4. Premises & Equipment Audit Services
Catering premises & equipment need to meet both operational & statutory requirements. An independent review forms part of an overall approach to proving DUE DILIGENCE & will undoubtedly help owner’s forward planning.