About Chang-Hsien H&M Company


Chang Hsien the owner's vision on its conceptual design, and focuses all its expertise on building and establishing the best hotel and resorts. The process from the initial planning to the hotel opening is a highly skill-intensive and time-consuming one. Every stage if the process involves a variety of professionals and specialists. Establishing and operating a hotel is the accumulation of manpower and technical know-how. At every path with every process needed to accomplish the hotel opening. We are constantly assisting the owner. It provides elaborate consultation in initial research and planning, conducts a market survey and analysis and establishes the hotel concept.

Chang Hsien has established standard hotel specifications and operational service standards based on its valuable accumulation of experience and expertise. Upholding such standards and also taking into full consideration the owner's needs. Chang Hsien proposes to the owner an optimum hotel development plan on investment. Both parties have a strong in success-management wants to ensure that it get real value for its money, and Chang Hsien wants to do a job which satisfies the client and enhances its own reputation.