About Chang-Hsien H&M Company

 About Chang-Hsien

Chang Hsien established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is owned by Han Hsien Enterprises. Chang Hsien is an international management, technology management and consulting group. We provide special skills, technical facilities, an international network and the ability to advise and implement solutions. Chang Hsien proposes the management agreement system because it believes this to be the most efficient method. Our services are provided through four core consultancies: Management and consulting in hotels and catering industries; Master planning for tourism development; Project management in tourism related industries; Personnel services, including executive search and recruitment.

Chang Hsien has gained experience in developed and developing countries in Asia Pacific. In this way, valuable insights and understanding of the overall requirements for tourism in a variety of environments have been acquired. As in other industries, profit and economic success in the hotels and catering related industries follow sound strategic decision-making based on careful research and analysis, good management practices and systems, and constant attention to the needs and wants of customers.